The Fear That I Will Write Something Wrong

My Word for the year is FEARLESS. Over the course of the next few weeks, I will be writing about different fears I have. This week I am writing about my fear of writing. I hope that you are encouraged to let go of fear in your life so that Christ can truly work in and through you!

I’ve been writing now for about 9 months. I’ve had periods of time where I produced more posts than other times, and periods of time where I did not write a single post. Throughout my experience writing, I have encountered fear. My fear has been that I would write something that was wrong, or that I would write something that other people would talk negatively about. I have battled this fear on various levels.

My goal has been to share tidbits of my life and lessons I have learned in an effort to encourage you, my readers. I want the opportunity to share how Christ can take bad situations and turn them around for more joy and life than ever before. I hope I’ve at least accomplished that to a small degree. My heart is for you to know Christ at a deeper level and be able to see the good that He can bring to your life.

I believe God has encouraged some of you through my writing and I am grateful for His hand in that. I truly give Him all the glory! It is only through Him that I write. It is only through Him that I am where I am today.

God has been good to me and I want to share that with you. But I also want you to understand that I am an imperfect person who may at times share faulty ideas. This is my blog and my feelings but as you hopefully are, I am also working on my relationship with Him and will never be at a place that I do not fail, although I hope and pray that my relentless pursuit of Christ will help me get better and better and that I actually DO relentlessly pursue Him!

I have allowed my fear of what you will think, or of writing something that is not correct, keep me from writing sometimes. And though there is value in desiring that my words be completely of God and sound logic, as a woman working on her relationship with God who has been far from Him for many years, I have to admit I’m just not there.

However, God has still called me to write. He DOES lay on my heart topics to write about and encourages me to encourage you through my stories and thoughts. He is calling me now to stop fearing writing something wrong and just trust Him to give me the words to say. And to trust that He, as well as you, will show me grace when needed.

I love Jesus. And I hope you can read that within the words I write. I hope you can see that I truly desire to honor Him through what I say. And I hope you are encouraged in the process. 

I’m inviting you to journey through this process with me as I seek Him with all my heart. And I pray that you show me grace when I mess up. I also welcome you to gently point out any faulty ideas that I may have, especially if it goes against what the Word of God states. I desire a closer relationship with Him and I hope you desire the same. Let’s work together to draw closer to Him.

I am praying for you and I would appreciate your prayers as well. Until the day that we become perfect through Christ, I will continue to keep striving to serve Him to the best of my ability. And I am vowing to give this area of fear over to Him. What fear are you needing to give to him? Will you lay it down along with me?



6 thoughts on “The Fear That I Will Write Something Wrong

  1. Stacey Lynn says:

    One of my fears is will I stand up to everyone’s idea of a Christian woman. We have always been told it doesn’t matter what other people think. We have always been told you need to set a good example for everyone else. So which is it? I know the right way to live my life and that is striving to be all I can be through Christ Jesus. Will I make a good example for someone that is struggling to get to know Christ or should I care? Yes I should care because I want people to see me as a good God fearing Christian woman. Any ideas on this?

    • Here’s my opinion, for what it’s worth. We should strive to be all we can through Jesus. We are going to fail. I think our honesty when we mess up and transparency can have more potential of reaching others for Christ than trying to cover it up. The Bible says “your sins will find you out”. So others will know most likely at some point anyway. I’d rather people know my struggles and see my attempt at following Jesus despite them. I hope and pray that people realize my sin nature but that Gods power and forgiveness is manifest through me! If they don’t know any of my mistakes, they can’t witness my experience of overcoming those things with Jesus help. I think most importantly, we need to be TRYING to draw closer to God and not just making excuses for our mistakes. That’s what people need to see. That’s a “witness” that can be powerful! I don’t want to put on the traditional churchy facade and be different depending on the situations. I want to be REAL. And I think others will be more drawn to Real than to Fake. Does anyone else have thoughts on this?

      • Stacey Lynn says:

        I totally agree with you. We should strive to be all we can be through Jesus. I think it is REAL when people do see us fail and sometimes at our lowest so they can see how wonderful that our Heavenly Father is. Sometimes I think me myself learns more of seeing other peoples struggles and my own struggles, not that I enjoy seeing it, but its one thing that makes me stronger. I like you want to be REAL. I strive to be real. I don’t like the fake façade that some people think is ok. I want people to see Jesus Christ flow through me.

  2. Paula says:

    This is so good Ang! I think fear is satan’s #1 tool. If he can cripple us with fear, we are not a threat to him! With God’s help we can be fearless witnesses to point others to a joyous life in Christ.

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