Return to Haiti: Part 1

IMG_3020Obstacle after obstacle was encountered as our mission team prepared to go to Haiti this year. Originally planned for July, civil unrest caused us to postpone the trip. Personal spiritual battles were fought by most of the team members. Attacks were hurled at us from multiple sources in different ways. Though not always perfect, we fought back in the only way we knew how. On our knees.

Personally, one of my biggest internal and even spiritual battles in several years began 3 weeks before leaving. As Satan waged war against my mind and what God has done to transform my life throughout the last 6 years, for a moment, I began to doubt that I was capable of ever being all He has called me to be. I was tempted to believe the lies that I would always be the person I once was.

But God is so good – and He can use even these battles that seem to come at the most inconvenient times – to strengthen us for what is ahead. To work to solidify a resolve through which He can work, a story through which He can move, an outlook and passion for Him through which He can love others.

God can and will work all things, good or seemingly bad, for our good and His glory. We just have to allow Him.

As I prepared to leave and throughout the trip, words that didn’t need to settle in my mind about who I was threatened to take me down. But I continually took them back to God each and every time. And He reminded me again that I am a child of God, bought by His blood, and covered by His wings of protection. He reminded me to never let my actions and thoughts diminish what He did for me on the cross.

October 20-27, 2018 was our week this year to be in Haiti. It didn’t make sense why our trip was postponed but as we return to normalcy upon return, my mind swirls with how faithful God is to work His plan out in our lives and that His plan is always perfect. And I wonder – Why do we ever doubt?

I’m excited to share with you the story of our week. Last year, I was wrecked upon our return and struggled to say anything at all without crying. This year, I am still deeply moved but more emotionally stable. And I will do my best to share the highlights of our trip with you.

Just as I anticipated, another week in Haiti was good for my soul.



2 thoughts on “Return to Haiti: Part 1

  1. Velva Reed says:

    Angie, I love your transparency & willingness to allow God to transform your life & in that process you are transforming & changing others as well!!! Love you sweet friend!! Can’t wait to hear more of God’s goodness mercy & inspiration of all He’s done in & through you & all of your team that encountered Haiti!

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