Sports, Coaches, and Life: It’s More Than A Game

Sports has been a big part of my life. I played competitive softball and basketball when I was younger. When the two sports became more than I could possibly do, I quit softball to focus on basketball, my preferred sport. I played all summer on traveling teams as well as for my school. I was playing basketball year round and my efforts payed off. My dream of playing college basketball was realized, though short lived because of numerous knee injuries.

Now as a mom, my children are involved in sports. They love it like I did and I love watching them play. I’m trying to teach them balance in their lives but right now, sports is certainly at the top of their list of things to do. And that’s okay, as long as they understand at some point that it’s not all about the win. That through the game, more about life can be learned besides the actual game itself.

Throughout our sports endeavors, we have coaches. Coaches teach us the game, help us fine tune the skills we have, and help us develop new skills that will take our game to the next level. Many parents even hire personal “tutors” for individual instruction for their children. If we want to be good at something, we know that we need help and practice to get there.

In anything we do, even things outside of sports such as band, art, music, etc., we have teachers who coach us to be better in the field. It is understood that if we want to succeed, we do everything we can to achieve that success. Having a teacher/coach is one of the necessary steps to being good at something.

Why is it that when it comes to sports or music or a hobby of some sort, we go to extra efforts to find a good coach to teach us, and when it comes to the game of life, we just try to go it alone? Can you imagine playing a sport and having this attitude that we will just try things until we learn from our mistakes how to be good? Isn’t that what many of us do in life?

Life is the most difficult thing we will ever go through and a coach can be such a valuable tool in helping us achieve success in all areas of our life. There are people out there that are trained to help us be proactive in creating a healthy life and making good choices. They are called Life Coaches.

It’s great to have friends to help us through life, but sometimes an outside and unbiased perspective can be just what we need to see things more clearly.

It’s great to have counselors. I have one and I would recommend her to anyone! Counselors help us deal with our past, search our souls for the meaning of our decisions, and heal from wounds caused by our actions as well as other people’s actions.

A life coach can help us from getting in these situations to begin with and also help us to make better decisions in the future. 

If you are interested in hiring a life coach for yourself or you have a teenage daughter that could benefit from having someone to talk to and listen to about decisions they are facing, please consider Tammie White. Tammie has had years of experience working with girls and women in both the game of basketball as well as the game of life. She now solely devotes her time to life coaching and would love the chance to offer her services to you. She has a heart for people and a heart for God and loves to be able to use her God given talents to help others reach their full potential.

Tammie was the assistant coach at the college where I played basketball. She not only coached me in basketball,  she also became a personal mentor to me. Her ability to lead both on and off the court was unrivaled and she made a big difference in my life. Just a few of the things I learned from her, even if it some of it didn’t sink in during that time frame, was that life situations aren’t always as they seem and trials aren’t always a bad thing, that Satan can be deceitful and enticing (and we should be on guard), and that true beauty comes from within and from being ourselves.

If you would like to consider her for yourself, or maybe you have a teenage daughter that could benefit from having someone to talk to and listen to about decisions they are facing, please visit her website at for more information. She also has a Facebook page at and you can email her at

It takes effort to be good at something and often other people helping us along the way. Having a life coach may be just the boost you need to start a better life for yourself or simply to enhance the one you have. If you decide to try it, let me know how it goes for you! I’m certain that it will be a positive experience and one that you will be glad you tried.

Keeping it Real,



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